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Digital Fluency


Digital Fluency



Maby you are thinking, what is digital fluency? It is the ability to effectively and efficiently interpret information and data, as well as digitally communicate and collaborate, and design digital content in a safe way in a digitally connected world.
Why should you care to becom digital fluent? The last decade the tech and digital world disrupted the ways people were used to live and work. Many people now use machines and the internet to make things easier. Organisations like Uber and Airbnb have changed the world forever. Designers are using computational systems that interface with human emotions. Health care innovators are experimenting with growing babies in the living room...
What should you do to future proof your life and career. And how to do that? That is where this activity is about... You need to become digital fluent. Examples of how to become digital fluent are in this activity. The tasks in the badge, will guide you towards awareness of this part of the Befriend the machine skill zone.

When viewing the videos:
  • What do you think the video is about?
  • What opportunities and challenges does the technology shown in the video?
  • What skills do you need to have to work with these technological possibilities?
  • How can you make other young people aware of the opportunities and possibilities of the technology in the video?

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Many people now use machines and the internet to make things easier. The holder of this badge is aware that when machines talk to you, you need to know how to talk back.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
List three ways you can start building the digital fluency skill today. If you're not sure how to build this skill, meet up with a friend, teacher, or youth worker and talk about it.
Use the Cities of Learning platform: just search for one of the skills and see what turns up. Follow the most interesting results until you find something that inspires you.
Task no.2
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Share why you think it is important to know how to interact with machines.
You can think of describing why this is important. It is also possible to make a blog or social media post about this in order to work in a positive way on your visibility to others. And add that blog here in this task as proof.



#digital communication and collaboration
Technology and computers
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Time to complete: 45 minutes


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